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EAP060 Diaspora collections at the major archives of the province of Matanzas, Cuba
EAP148 Inventory of archival holdings in Jamaica
EAP184 Digitisation of endangered African diaspora collections at the major archives of the province of Matanzas, Cuba
EAP295 Digitising the endangered archives of Grenada
EAP345 A survey of the endangered archives of St Vincent, West Indies, during the slavery era
EAP408 From the brink: identifying, collecting and digitising records of the Turks and Caicos Islands after the destruction of Hurricane Ike
EAP596 Safeguarding Anguilla's heritage: a survey of the endangered records of Anguilla
EAP688 Digitisation of the Deed books in Saint Vincent for the slavery era, 1763-1838
EAP769 Montserrat in written records and photographs: preserving the archive for the nation and the Montserrat diaspora
EAP843 Creating a digital archive of ecclesiastical documents from Santiago de Cuba, Bayamo, Trinidad and Baracoa, Cuba

Central America

EAP165 Rescue of two photographic collections of rapidly changing cultures in rural Guatemala dating from the 1890s through to the 1930s
EAP571 Digital preservation of newspapers of the first half of the twentieth century in Nicaragua
EAP593 Lekil Kuxlejal: archiving Tenejapa's indigenous heritage

South America

EAP160 Digitisation of Bolivian indigenous communities records on ayllu structure, tax and land tenure
EAP207 'Faces drawn in the sand': a rescue project of Native Peoples' photographs stored at the Museum of La Plata, Argentina - major project
EAP234 Identification and description of the colonial documentary fond at the Lima Metropolitan Welfare Society (Sociedad de Beneficencia de Lima Metropolitana)
EAP298 Preserving endangered ethnographic audiovisual materials of expressive culture in Peru
EAP333 Collecting and preserving parish archives in an Andean diocese
EAP375 The transition from a traditional to a modern society: recovering Argentine and Latin American history through an emblematic publishing company
EAP498 Recovering provincial newspapers in Peru: Lambayeque, Ayacucho, Tacna, Cajamarca and Huancavelica
EAP503 Creating a digital archive of a circum-Caribbean trading entrepôt: notarial records from La Guajira
EAP505 Digitising parish record collections at the major archives of the province of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
EAP507 Preservation and digitisation of the archival material in the Historical Archive of the San Marcos National University, 1551-1920
EAP563 Preserving the Hume family collection and making it accessible on the web
EAP638 Rewriting Argentine and Latin American history. Salvaging the Haynes publishing company archive
EAP640 Digitising the documentary patrimony of Colombia's Caribbean coast: the ecclesiastical documents of the Department of Córdoba
EAP650 Grima in Caloto Viejo: archiving Afro-Colombian history
EAP726 Preserving Peruvian newspapers for a regional approach: key 19th-20th century press in Arequipa
EAP753 Rescuing archives from Belém do Pará, Brazil
EAP755 A modern gaze on old cultural practices in Argentina: relocation and preservation of the 'Heinrich Sanguinetti Archive' (1930-1956)
EAP783 Digitisation, preservation and dissemination of parochial books and matrimonial records prior to the establishment of the Civil Registry in Peru
EAP821 Documentary heritage at risk: digitisation and enhancement of the archive of the Monastery of Dominican nuns of Santa Rosa, Santiago, Chile

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