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Eastern Africa

EAP099 Collecting and preserving the records of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania in Moshi, Tanzania
EAP254 Preservation of the historical literary heritage of Tigray, Ethiopia: the library of Romanat Qeddus Mika'el
EAP286 Digitising and conserving Ethiopian manuscripts at the Institute of Ethiopian Studies
EAP340 Photographic preservation of the manuscript collection in the monastic church of Ewostatewos at Däbrä Särabi (Tigray, Ethiopia)
EAP357 Identifying endangered monastic collections in the Säharti and Enderta regions of Tigray (Ethiopia)
EAP401 Safeguarding the Ethiopian Islamic heritage
EAP427 Identify, relocate and digitise Native Administration records (1891-1964)
EAP432 Documenting the written heritage of East Goğğam: a rich culture in jeopardy
EAP466 The manuscripts of the Riyadh Mosque of Lamu, Kenya
EAP526 Digitisation of the endangered monastic archive at May Wäyni (Tigray, Ethiopia)
EAP607 Identify, relocate and digitise Native Administration records (1891-1964) - major project
EAP656 History in progress Uganda, Part 1: the Ham Mukasa archive
EAP684 Inventory of the National Archives of Burundi
EAP704 The Melvin Seiden Award: Digitisation of the monastic archives of Marawe Krestos and Däbrä Abbay (Shire region, Tigray Province, Ethiopia)
EAP714 Safeguarding the country's ecclesiastical archives: survey of Church archives in Malawi
EAP856 Safeguarding the political history of precolonial Madagascar: the archives of Prime Minister Rainilaiarivony (1864-1895)

Middle Africa

EAP051 Bamum script and archives project: saving Africa's written heritage
EAP054 Archiving a Cameroonian photographic studio
EAP542 Cameroon Photo Press Archives. Protection, conservation, access

Northern Africa

EAP025 Transfer of Mosseri Genizah Archive from Paris to Cambridge University Library and its digitisation (with metadata), storage and accessibility:Stage 1
EAP265 The tifinagh rock inscriptions in the Tadrart Acacus mountains (SW Libya): an unknown endangered heritage

Southern Africa

EAP279 A rescue programme for the Matsieng Royal Archives, Lesotho
EAP845 Endangered ethnohistories: preserving and digitising the DF Ellenberger ethnohistorical archive
EAP942 Preserving Nyasaland African Congress historical records

Western Africa

EAP027 Rescuing Liberian history: preserving the personal papers of William V. S. Tubman, Liberia's longest serving President
EAP052 Rescuing Eastern Nigerian history: preserving the holdings of Enugu and Calabar regional archives
EAP078 Ritual narratives of Bagr Secret Society
EAP087 Northern Nigeria: precolonial documents preservation scheme
EAP139 Rescuing Liberian history - preserving the photographs of William VS Tubman, Liberia's longest serving President
EAP231 Social history of the Gambia: rescuing an endangered archive, police and court records
EAP256 Preservation of endangered historical records in the Public Records and Archives Administration (PRAAD) in Tamale, Northern Ghana
EAP266 History of Bolama, the first capital of Portuguese Guinea (1879-1941), as reflected in the Guinean National Historical Archives
EAP284 Before the war, after the war: preserving history in Sierra Leone
EAP334 Digital preservation of Wolof Ajami manuscripts of Senegal
EAP387 Safeguarding Fulfulde ajami manuscripts of Nigerian Jihad poetry by Usman dan Fodio (1754-1817) and contemporaries
EAP443 Nineteenth century documents of the Sierra Leone Public Archives
EAP449 Social history and cultural heritage of Mali: preserving the archives of professional photographers
EAP462 Preservation of Kaya district colonial archives and assessment of the potential and feasibility of recovering other former district capitals' collections, Burkina Faso
EAP474 Regional Archive at Cape Coast, Ghana: pre-colonial and colonial documents preservation project
EAP485 World War II and the origins of Hausa newspapers: the early years of 'Gaskiya ta fi Kwabo'
EAP524 To survey the East India Company and Colonial archives of Jamestown, St Helena, South Atlantic
EAP532 Recovering the endangered archives of the Benue Valley, central Nigeria
EAP535 Northern Nigeria: Precolonial documents preservation scheme - major project
EAP541 Digitisation and preservation of historical archives in the Public Records and Archives Administration (PRAAD) in Tamale, Northern Ghana
EAP569 Safeguarding Nzema history: documents on Nzema land in Ghanaian national and local archives
EAP626 Tracking the past - the preservation of the railway archives of Sierra Leone
EAP764 Preserving the memory of the colonial past in Dogon country. A survey of historical collections of the endangered archives of Bandiagara
EAP820 Documenting Slavery and Emancipation in Kita, Western Mali

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