Budheshwar Phukan Collection [c18th century]

This collection of manuscript belongs to Budheshwar Phukan.
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  • Ban Seng

    This is a fortune telling manuscript. ... File Ref: EAP373/11/1
  • Deo Buranji

    This manuscript is about the different Gods and Godesses like Lengdon, Langkuri, Jasingpha and others. ... File Ref: EAP373/11/2
  • Du Kai Seng

    This is a fortune telling manuscript. There are images of pairs of chicken legs with thin bamboo sticks attached to them. And depending on these images, the placement of the bamboo sticks, fortune telling and procastination of any kind of good or bad happe ... File Ref: EAP373/11/3
  • Khon Ming

    The content of the manuscript deals with the concept of bringing back the khons (souls). According to Ahom belief there are more than one khon in anything around us and any kind of suffering or disaster is due to the escape of any of the khon if it scared ... File Ref: EAP373/11/4