Sample photographs [1906-1922]

Digital images of group and individual portrait photographs taken in and around Tehran between 1330-1340H [1911-1922]. Unfortunately, information about the provenance, context and subjects of the photographs is mostly unknown; the information presented in this catalogue is therefore necessarily incomplete. What details are known are given below.

Images 1 and 2: Group portrait photographs of students and teachers of the Islamic Education Society in Tehran, 1331H [1912/1913]. Photographs taken by Kazem Tehrani.

3. Group portrait photograph of three men.

4. Group portrait photograph of a family.

5. Individual portrait of a woman sat at a table, identified as being taken in Chestnut Place Ornaments, Arak. Photograph taken by Abdullah Khan, 1324H [1906/1907].

6. Individual portrait of the photographer Abdullah Khan, posing with his camera. c1921.